Port Facilities

Facilities Overview

Port Services Corporation (S.A.O.G) strives continuously to provide Port Facilities that increases productivity, efficiency and assures a hassle free experience leading to customer satisfaction. Port Sultan Qaboos (PSQ) offers a number of facilities designed for handling passengers and cargo.

  • Deep Drafted Berths
  • Navigational Aids And Facilities
  • Ample Covered and Open Storage Space
  • Range Of Container & Cargo Handling Equipment.
  • Cruise Terminal Facilities
  • State-of-the-Art Technologies
Facilities at a glance

The facilities empower our customers to move different types of cargo through the port.  The port provides efficient round-the-clock service ensuring quick turn a round. Round-the-Clock-Pilotage services. With its extensive and modern facilities, Port Sultan Qaboos has made its mark in the International Shipping Circle.

Areas of the Port
  • Water front: 545,968 m2
  • Land side: 615,270 m2
  • Covered storage space: 16,545 m2
  • Open storage space: 274,300 m2
Service to Vessels

There are specialized terminal facilities to accommodate different types of vessels such as container, non-containerized multi-purpose cargo carriers, Pure Car Carriers, Live Stock Carriers and bulk – Liquid / Dry carriers, cruise vessels, naval vessels and others. There are eight deep water berths for commercial operations, one berth for ferry services and four berths under government use.


The advent of containerization signalled a significant shift in the facility requirements in a Port. Development of Container handling facilities  at Port Sultan Qaboos, the first of its kind in the country played vital in the Sultanate’s Industrial and Economic prosperity. With the commitment to provide a standard of service on par with the best, the Port is poised to continue its growth and confident to navigate to the future.

The container terminal is the fulcrum of Port Operations at Port Sultan Qaboos and provides it with the flexibility to respond quickly to the dynamics of the market forces and fulfil the aspirations of its discerning customers. Facilities include

  • On Arrival Berthing  for  Window container vessels.
  • Round-the-Clock Container Operations (24/7).
  • Container Handling Capacity of 350,000 TEUs; Yard Capacity of 14,500 TEUs.
  • Four (4) of 10.9 to 13 metres draft alongside suitable for panamax container vessels.
  • World Class Terminal Operating System with Electronic Information Exchange with Customers – UNEDIFACT / Web Portal / Email.
  • File Documents and Track container / vessel from ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME
  • Reefer facility with round-the-clock temperature monitoring.
  • Free Flowing and Quick Gate Movements.

These and many more attractive features are available at Port Sutlan Qaboos. Click on Container Terminal Fact Sheet for more details.

Non-Containerized Cargo

Port Services Corporation (S.A.O.G) are the pioneers in operatoring the multipurpose cargo handling facility in Oman. We provide comprehensive range of conventional cargo handling services which includes facilities for handling dry bulk – cement, bitumen, break bulk – project cargoes, heavy lifts, structural steel and timber and liquid cargo – Vegetable Oil, with back up support facilities such as transit sheds, various Cargo handling Equipment. Over the years, the port has earned an excellent reputation in handling  cargoes of various development projects underway in Oman. Customers benefit from excellent deep – water berths up to (13 meter) and supporting facilities for handling different types of cargoes. With the rated capacity for grain discharge of 500 tons per hour, an average of 6,000 tons discharge per day is achievable, it is backed by grain silos of 120,000 tons.

Key Facts:
  • All Weather Port; Round-the-Clock Cargo Handling Facilities.
  • Deep Drafted Berths with 13m depth alongside; 274,300 sqm Storage Yard capacity.
  • Flourishing Hinterland with excellent road connectivity.
  • Mechanized Grain Handling and Storage Facilities.
  • Trained and highly Motivated Skilled staff for safer, faster and precision operations
  • State-of-the-Art Port Information Management System for Non-Containerized Cargo Handling
Equipment Number Capacity
Mobile cranes
From 12 T to 70 T @ 3 mt radius
Towing tractors
60 T to 100 T
Fork lift Trucks
2.5 T to 25 T
Low bed trailers
20 T to 100 T


  • Fact Sheet – Non-Containerized Cargo Terminal Services


The port facility at Port Sultan Qaboos specializes in the receipt and shipment of Roll-On / Roll-Off cargo in import, transshipment and export trade. We are adept in handling all kinds of automobiles and heavy machineries for pure car carriers as well as pure car & truck carriers. Vessels up to a maximum LOA of  300 metres can discharge or load comfortably. The draft alongside ranges from 9.1 to 13 metres.

Ro Ro traffic at Port Sultan Qaboos is steadily increasing over the years.

  • Annually we handle around 200,000 car units.
  • Parking yard capacity of 55,945 sqm car units capacity.
  • Round-the-clock receipt and shipment.
  • Safe and swift handling of cargo and assured quick turn a round for vessel.
  • Free Flowing and Quick Gate Movements.

Cruise Terminal

Cruise Terminal Facilities

Oman is a country with beautiful landscape and is the Arab Capital for Tourism for the year 2012. PSQ has a dedicated fully air-conditioned Cruise Terminal with all passenger amenities. During the main cruise season – from October to April – as many as four (4) cruise ships can call into PSQ Cruise Terminal on any one day. The Terminal has earned its reputation and has received Dream Awards for the “Most Improved Destination” since 2008.

Over the years, PSQ has become an important destination for cruise lines. Much thought and effort has gone into ensuring that the Port has a comprehensive range of facilities to cater to the demands of the cruise line passengers. The spacious Arrival Lounge has dedicated positions for Immigration, Customs, baggage collection and screening. The Departure area is well ventilated with a restaurant, bar and lounges. Other services includes Internet Cafe, Money Exchange, Taxi Services, designated parking for pick-up and drop-off. The Terminal design offers passengers the same level of comfort akin to an airport.

Muscat Duty Free at the Cruise Terminal provides choice to shopping enthusiasts, looking for international brand names at duty free prices as well as Omani artefacts & crafts.

Berthing Facilities:
  • Priority berthing facilities are accorded to Cruise Vessels in Multi-Purpose Berths.
  • 13 metres depth and 470 metres length alongside berths to accommodate big cruise vessels with straight Quay length.
  • Gangways and other passenger specific services are available readily at hand.
Ferry Terminal

A recent feature at PSQ is the new Ferry Terminal where fast ferries provide service between Muscat and Kasab / Shinas. National Ferries Corporation (NFC) operates these high speed ferries to these exotic locations to complement the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism of Oman to promote Oman as a tourist destination.

These and many more attractive features available at the Cruise Terminal of Port Sutlan Qaboos.

Marine and Harbour Services

Key Facts
  • ISPS Level-1 Certified Port
  • 24 / 7 Marine Services to ensure Safe and Efficient Vessel Movements
  • In-house Pilotage by Highly Experienced Pilots – on duty and on call (24 /7)
  • Optimum number and type of Tugs for Towage
  • Marine Tower and Customer Service Centre at your disposal; Connected by Radio, Email, Phone;
  • Oil Pollution Control measures readily available.
  • Waste Oil clearance; Garbage Disposal;
  • Availability of Potable Water and Bunkering facilities inside the port;
  • Services associated with Transfer of Security Personnel for Anti-Piracy Operations; Crew Change; 
  • Boat Services to Anchorage Facility;
  • Food stuff & provisions supply either through the Shipchandlers or directly by the vessel agents;
  • Breakwater Total Length: 506 Metres
  • Length of Quay: 2466 Metres
  • Approach Channel:  13 Metres
  • Alongside Draft: 4 to 13 Metres
  • Turning Circle: 390 Metres

Port Sultan Qaboos is an All-Weather port that is fully geared to handle vessels safely, cost effectively and efficiently according to International norms and standards.The port is equipped with the essential navigational aids that enables it to provide a bouquet of Marine Services. Pilotage and Towage Services are performed by Highly Experienced Pilots while utilizing the appropriate number and type of tugs for berthing and unberthing activities at the wharves to ensure the efficient and safe movement of vessels. In addition to the traditional port related marine services, the Port caters to the other essential needs of the vessels calling at the port.

Two tugs fitted with fire fighting equipment and a truck along with fire fighting and pollution control equipment are available. In addition, the services of the fire brigade of Civil Defence Department are available round-the-clock.

Information Technology

Port Services Corporation has devoted time and efforts to utilize leading edge information technology solutions to become efficient, adaptable, cost-effective, scalable and ensure long-term success. Thus, PSC is at the forefront of IT leveraged seaports in the region due to its IT strategy emphasising the coupling of Technology and innovation to increase productivity and enhance efficiency of operations. Information Technology is integral to its efforts to make the most of finite resources to provide efficient, adaptable, cost-effective and seamless end-to-end experience to our customers. In addition, assure high availability of IT Services that are reliable and secure. 

In our rapidly changing world, PSC has implemented a Port Information Management System to automate its business processes end-to-end. The objective of this implementation was to enhance operational efficiency and supports future growth while at the same time reducing operational overheads and maintaining customer-focussed services.

An integrated Oracle based ERP application software “Port Information Management System – (PIMS)” comprising of a state-of-the-art Terminal Operating System (CATOS) to manage Port Operations & Human Resource and Financial Management System for its back-office functions.

The Port Information Management System comprises of the real-time Container Terminal Operation System (CATOS); Conventional Cargo Information Management System (CCMIS); Marine Operations; Gate Management System; Port Community System and the Financial Management System. The Port Information Management System facilitates in:

  • Yard Planning: To optimize yard utilization
  • Vessel Planning: To optimize vessel discharge / loading towards reducing the turn round time of vessels
  • Berth Planning: To optimize Berth utilization
  • Track in real time: Vessels; Cargo / containers; Performance of Yard / berth Equipment; Trucks;
  • Manage: Gates; Berths; Wheeled and grounded assets; Container Handling Equipment; Human Resources; Vessel Planning;
  • Measure Key performance indicators: Vessel Productivity; Equipment Productivity; Space utilization; Labour; Gate Time; Berth Allocation;
  • Ensures high availability and reliability of services to our customers to meet their demanding needs and fulfil their aspirations.
  • EDI: Electronic Submission of Port Documents such as Manifest, Stowage Bay Plan, and Discharge & Load lists, Loading Profile etc. These documents could be submitted through any one of these transfer modes.
  • Deposit the UNEDIFACT Messages (BAPLIE / COPRAR / COARRI / MOVINS / IFTMCS / APERAK) using FTP. To know more, download the UNEDIFACT implementation guide published by IT department of PSC.
  • PSC Web Portal provides facilities to enable our customer to submit business data online.
  • Email, wherein you can attach the information in appropriate format for uploading by the concerned port personnel.

Round-the-clock Helpdesk

The IT department of PSC supports internal and external customers round the clock to resolve IT related issues. You may contact the help desk by email to webadmin@pscoman.com OR call our helpline at +968 24714000 Ext 320 / 332 / 376 / 331 / 391 or +968 99859023 or use our contact us form to fill in the details of the desired assistance.

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